Who is Yik Chan


Resilient entrepreneur Yik Chan proudly owns 4 companies in 4 different industries: Travel, e-Commerce, Education, and Real Estate Investment with staff in Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Philippines, and Indonesia among other prominent places. With his experience around the globe, one can see the possibility in the business world. Setting up multiple businesses worldwide at a young age of 27, Yik Chan along with his fiancé Cherry Ng has marked a distinguished name amongst the most inspirational and successful entrepreneurs.

His extraordinarily wide business experiences make him one of the most reliable e-Commerce and Business Coach. Besides, he also tries to pour in all his learnings by lending his service as Motivational Speaker and Meditation/Spiritual Coach. He delivers the optimum level of professionalism and merit in his teachings on e-Commerce and business automation. He thrives hard to achieve his purpose of uplifting 1 million people through teaching business and spiritual study.

After initiating E-Commerce and building up a small team, he decided to expand his team, for which he went to Cambodia. They built another team, but this time they hired only university students. He believes teenagers are the future of our world. He trained them with the skills needed to survive in the future. He let them explore the online business, let them pick the part they love, and bought them courses. They also do company trips together. Now, they are automating his company.

He says, 'Money is just a bonus when one focuses on the opportunities one provides to the youth. Entrepreneurs are the leaders of the world, to be a leader one needs to equip with a mindset to contribute to the people. If someone just wants to bank in a lot of money while harming society, he/she will lose everything.'

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